2016 Guide to the latest Gun Dog Training Gear

2016 Guide to the latest Gun Dog Training Gear

This year is going to one of the greatest yet for retriever trainers, and here are some products to prove this sport is growing in the right direction. Some of them will be curve balls to loyalist hunters like ourselves, but I think it is time to start thinking outside the box.

With the massive decline of Avery Sport Dog over this past year, some other companies have decided to step to the plate in a big way. This has given many the chance to create variations in mainstay products we have used our entire training who retriever training career.

1) Tanglefree: Created some great new retriever training products
A) Dead Bird Bumper: a Hexabumper that has been designed to better handle cold weather eliminating cracking
B) Real Bird: A Mallard/Teal sized copy of a true to life duck, allowing your retrievers to get use to holding actual birds in their mouths

2) DT Systems: The new replacement for bumperboy!!!
A) The new dt systems launcher has set them apart as one of the big boys in the field of retriever training!

3) Drake Waterfowl: Over the last 3-4 years Drake Waterfowl has taken many leaps into the retriever training realm, all of which have been excellent!
A) Dog Bumpers: Drake Waterfowl has some of the highest quality bumpers on the market. Perfect for year around training
B) Collars: Though you can find some cheaper dog collars on the market, you certainly won’t find any higher quailty.

So as you can see there has been a shake up throughout this last few years, but it really seems like it is for the better!

We offer all of these new products on Marsh Mutt so take the time to browse through our extensive store!

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