8 Easy Steps to Get Ready for the Upcoming Hunting Season

Experienced waterfowlers will completely agree that attentive preparations are necessary for a successful hunting season. Having everything prepared beforehand will leave you a great deal of time to concentrate on what really matters – the thrill you get from hunting and the success you get at the end of the hunting season.

Here are a few tips to get you prepared for your upcoming hunting season:

Start scouting on time

The best period to start scouting for hunting spots is somewhere between late summer and early fall. Find the areas that are close to water or have an abundance of food and write the coordinates in a notebook so you can visit them when the season starts.

Talk with landowners

The off-season is good for research and talking with the landowner of the area you plan to hunt on. Nowadays, more and more land is sold or leased to people, so trespassing has become a great issue. In order to avoid problems, visit the landowner – you can use this opportunity to talk about the upcoming season and get a permission to hunt on that particular area, see the birds and think about your hunting strategies. Talking to the landowner beforehand will surely bring you benefit and remember that it’s always good to have a friendly relations with them.

Check all machines

Before the hunting season starts, make sure that you have all your mechanical tools and engines checked. No matter how sure you are that things should run smoothly during the upcoming season, double check your pumps, motors and everything you consider important before starting the engines for a new hunt.

Practice your calls

All hunters remember the moments when they had to learn the five-note greeting call. This is the basis that allows all other call modifications and hunters should practice it so they can use it again on the first day of their hunting season. Practice this tune and make your personal variations in volume or speed, and see how duck react when the season starts.

Get yourself in shape

Don’t forget that during the hunting season, most things depend on your strength. So, in order to stay fit in general and get ready for the hunting season, continue practicing. Anything that makes your body move is just fine: running, swimming, lifting weights and of course, practice proper nutrition. This will keep both your body and your spirit strong during harsh hunting conditions and you’ll see that it was all worth doing it.

Prepare your dog

According to experienced hunters, one of the most frequent mistake hunters make is introducing a new hunting accessory to the dog on the first day of the season. Hunters are advised to start preparing their dogs even in the summer – introduce the new blind to your dog during some of the daily trainings in your back yard and see how things work. By the time the season starts, your dog will surely feel more comfortable using the toys. You could also use the summer to take your dog for a swim so it can adjust and get prepared for the upcoming season.

Make some blinds

Preparing the blinds beforehand can save you a great deal of time when hunting season begins. Cut several brunches to camouflage a few permanent blinds. This will spare you from cutting them when the hunting season begins.

Get back to basics

No matter the experience you have gained during the years, it’s never a bad idea to start preparing from scratch. Always, before every hunting season, clean and prepare your decoys, check your shotgun and enjoy the preparing process reminiscing about past hunts and use this period to get some motivation for your next season.

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