9 Tips to Hunt Snow Geese More Effectively

Hunting snow geese can be quite a challenge because they have habits that differ from the other types of geese. They usually live long, move in big flocks and are more wary before landing at a resting place.

What makes hunting snow geese even more difficult is the fact that they cannot be located easily because of their nomadic habits.

However, hunters have worked on so many different strategies to find a way to hunt them down easily. By learning a few of these techniques for hunting snow geese, you could see improvements right after your first hunt.

These are the best methods that will help you hunt snow geese more effectively:

Find the snow geese

Finding the location where snow geese feed, land to take a rest and find food is surely not that easy but it is the only way to start a successful hunt. Finding the location is the first and maybe the most difficult step in the snow geese hunting process.

Don’t chase them away

Once they find a safe feeding spot, snow geese tend to hover above that particular spot until the food there is gone. However, they won’t go back to the spot once they notice danger in the area. So, patience works better here: find the feeding spot, set decoys and try to use the evening and even the morning after to hunt them.

Fit into nature

Remove any signs of human presence and activity – park your car at least a half mile away from the spot, remove tire tracks, food wrappings and anything that does not fit the nature environment. Snow geese are known to be very alert and once they discover a single thing that doesn’t fit their concept of nature, they will abandon the area in search for a safer place.

Set decoys

Effective snow geese hunts require a minimum of about 500 decoys, so try to set them appropriately – use shell and silhouette decoys with lighter and cheaper white rags, or you could just go with white plastic bag decoys.

Wear white

If you are going for a hunt when the land is already covered in snow, the best way to camouflage yourself is to wear something white to avoid being noticed by the geese before they even land at the feeding spot.

Be careful with the calls

One golden rule is that you should never exaggerate with calling. The same applies for snow geese as well – don’t overcall but try to use simple techniques to call in single birds or a group of up to three geese.

Don’t shot in the air

It’s difficult enough to find the geese and the area they plan to land. Try not to ruin your hunt by shooting while they are still hovering above the land. Instead, play smart and wait for them to settle.


When hunting snow geese, focus on one bird at a time and take your first shot at the birds that are at the edge of your effective visual range and then head for the birds that are closer.

Know your hunting time

There are two periods of the day that are appropriate for snow geese hunting: morning and afternoon. The morning period is done when the geese head for their refuge where they stay during the day. It ranges between 9 a.m. and noon. The afternoon period is taking place usually a few hours before the night takes over. Use these facts so you can plan the exact time your snow geese hunting time begins in order to have better results.

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