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Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting

Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting Wood duck hunting demands special skills because finding them can be a challenge. They breed in habitats that are wooded, swampy, ponds, shallow lakes, and creeks. These colorful and beautiful waterfowls are great because they dwell where other ducks fear to tread. They habitually nest in hollows of trees… Read more »

Just Laying Out

Just laying out Hunting out of layout blind is a unique experience and is completely different than what we usually do out on the open waters of North Carolina. Being able to see every feather of the honker that is back peddling fixing to land in the spread you put out just before daybreak is… Read more »

Dakota Decoy X-treme Mallards Review

“Dakota Decoy X-treme Mallards Review” When it comes to decoys, I can confidently say that I have tried just about everything out there. When I first set eyes on the Dakota Mallards, I was slightly reticent given the price for a dozen decoys. I talked to a field staffer from Dakota, and I was sold…. Read more »

Drake Waterfowl Blades Camo short sleeve shirt review

I had the privilege and opportunity to get a Drake Blades Camo short sleeve shirt. It is lightweight, breathable, great fabric and even better quality. It is perfect for those warm morning hunts, early season teal/goose shoots, dove hunting, or even just to wear out and about. It has several pockets to place your phone,… Read more »

Review of Muck Wetland Boot

Pro Staff Product Pick: Muck Wetland Boot Ever since I purchased a set of these boots 5 years ago I have been thoroughly impressed with them. Whether I’m walking in the woods in the spring, field hunting waterfowl in the fall, or ice fishing in the cold temps of winter these boots have always kept… Read more »

Early Teal Season in Southeast Texas

Well, it’s August in Southeast Texas, we’re sweating profusely, swatting mosquitoes by the tub loads while running from snakes and alligators. Ya know what sounds like a good time? Going outside in the elements to chase fast flying teal. While all those factors aren’t so pleasant, there’s many things that make chasing these little rockets… Read more »

Early Goose Season in Virgina

September goose season for us in Southeastern Virginia is what truly kickstarts our hunting season for the year & can allow for some of the best wing shooting around. As soon as the corn gets cut, the birds become very concentrated and predictable. With a little bit of scouting, one can pattern these early season… Read more »

California Early Goose Season

California Early Goose Season is lining up to be a real Memory Maker. DFG has given us 10 large Canada’s per day per person this year and the spring hatch on local Honkers was off the charts with the geese returning to nest multiple times. While scouting for doves we came across hundreds of goslings… Read more »