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Marsh Mutt Auction Section

Marsh Mutt has launched a Auction Section!!!  This section is meant to allow our members to list the gear they are wanting to sell, or the new gear they are making themselves. The benefits: 1) There is no listing fee like many other sites 2) Marsh Mutt has lots of traffic to view your auction,… Read more »

7 Frequent Mistakes in Retriever Training

  Retriever training might seem as a simple process to a layman, but actually there are so many things that the trainer needs to take into consideration before and during the process of training. Fact is, there are many retriever trainers who make mistakes that should be addressed once again after the training process is… Read more »

8 Easy Steps to Get Ready for the Upcoming Hunting Season

Experienced waterfowlers will completely agree that attentive preparations are necessary for a successful hunting season. Having everything prepared beforehand will leave you a great deal of time to concentrate on what really matters – the thrill you get from hunting and the success you get at the end of the hunting season. Here are a… Read more »

How and When to Take Doubles

Shooting doubles can surely be rewarding, but it can also be a great challenge for hunters. The real risks of taking this challenge is chasing away the rest of the birds and going home with empty hands. So, when taking doubles on waterfowl, hunters should be aware of two major facts: How to take a… Read more »

9 Tips to Hunt Snow Geese More Effectively

Hunting snow geese can be quite a challenge because they have habits that differ from the other types of geese. They usually live long, move in big flocks and are more wary before landing at a resting place. What makes hunting snow geese even more difficult is the fact that they cannot be located easily… Read more »

Homemade Goose Decoys

Homemade goose decoys have been used since as far back as most of us can remember.  I can specifically remember a gentleman at Horicon Marsh sitting on a WHITE bucket and surrounding himself with black garbage bags, and much to our surprise he actually killed Canada Geese with that method!  But hunter be advised, we… Read more »

Bowfishing Basics

bowfishing equipment

Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world. Though the vast majority of bowfisherman are in the southern states, it has participants worldwide that enjoy this fun and exciting sport. With the combination of bowhunting and fishing, how could you possibly go wrong! In recent years bowfishing has grown in popularity… Read more »

Crappie Fishing Techniques and Tips for Beginners

crappie Fishing Techniques

As the ice thaws, appropriate crappie fishing techniques will be on most fisherman’s minds, and for the future of our sport it is important to pass along these great strategies to the youth. Crappie fishing is challenging, and intensely rewarding when you get on them.  The following is lists of tips aimed at helping the… Read more »