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Do You Know How to Store Fresh Fish?

How to store fresh fish

Do You Know How to Store Fresh Fish? Heat, humidity, and calms seas…….Summer is finally here and I’m ready to stock my fridge with fish! Snapper season just opened down here on the Texas Gulf Coast and we are headed out every weekend that the weather permits. Red Snapper is one of my all time… Read more »

My Favorite Saltwater Fishing Trip


“Foggy Memory” of My Favorite Saltwater Fishing Trip This time a year it’s always foggy on the Texas gulf coast. The water is still frigid from all the cold fronts but the air is mildly warmer causing the dense sea fog. I personally like the creepy sea fog most. The damp air brings me back… Read more »

Confidence in Your Hunt

Decoys have come a long way since the day of Great Grandad carving them out of wood. I like to collect antique decoys by the way……just a little F.Y.I. Luckily for those of us who lack  carving skills there is an abundance of decoys to choose from these days. When it comes to waterfowl hunting… Read more »