Pro Blog: Tyler Tyndall

Goose Hunting Tips

Goose hunting is a different level of waterfowl hunting, the rush of the hunt, the split second of “take em’”. There is no other feeling then laying flat in a blind when you hear the orchestrated honks of the group coming in. Your heart races as you fidget to get in a shooting position. Then… Read more »

Hunting Stories — “Ants in the Pants”

Hunting Stories — “Ants in the Pants” Hunting is a blast! I have walked away with so many hunting stories and memories but there was one particular hunt that was my favorite. I’d like to share it with all of you. My Favorite Hunting Story of All TIme Last spring me and my dad got up… Read more »

How to Filet a Fish the Right Way

How to filet a fish

Fishing season is in full swing this summer and for all those fish you will be catching you need to know how to filet a fish the right way. So you can brag to all your friends to how you can catch and cook the fish better then they can.  To start , you will… Read more »

Use a Carolina Rig

Being from North Carolina, I am pretty fortunate to be able to fish a variety of different species from freshwater trout up in the mountain streams of Western Carolina all the way down to the salty water of Morehead chasing that bull dolphin. Growing up in the out skirts of a coastal community, I grew… Read more »