Backwater Bowfishing

backwater bowfishingBackwater Bowfishing is what we day dream about all day at work.  We spend countless days planning trips to bowfish on backwaters all over this country.  And it is important to remember that you definitely want to buy quality equipment instead of a large quantity of equipment.  It seems like everyone is introducing Bowfishing equipment to the market these days, so finding the good stuff is very key.


Marsh Mutt Pro Staff has spent countless hours testing the bowfishing equipment we sell, and they are more than happy to help you choose combinations that will definitely work for your backwater bowfishing adventures!  Check out the gear THEY PREFER: Bowfishing Gear  And while you are on that forum share some picks of your hunts, we would love to see them!!

Definitely also take the time to check out our selection of quality gear

Bowfishing Gear