Big Time Snow Goose Spreads

Big Time Snow Goose Spreads

So your thinking about joining the ranks of Snow Goose Hunters? Now your talking about some work, have you every seen a REAL snow goose spread. These migrating flocks of white take a LARGE spread to draw down from above, but oh man there are some real rewards to snow goose hunting.

To start off with, you need to secure the right properties. This is important because you definitely don’t want the expense of a snow goose spread unless your sure you can bring them in. So spend sometime getting yourself permission on a few key properties.

After you have obtained the right permission, its time to spend a small fortune on the RIGHT spread. Think of it this way, you now have the right properties so don’t loose the geese to other people’s spreads. Now lets get into the nitty gritty about what you need to WIN

>SIZE MATTERS: When it comes to snow geese, and basically everything else in life size does actually matter. Your going to need a large quantity of filler decoys, but don’t be fooled by cheap junky decoys. If your going to get a filler decoy look at SilloSocks as they are a high quality lower priced filler decoy. They will allow you the extra funds to concentrate on other aspects of your snow goose spread.

>MOVEMENT Movement helps make your spread look more realistic, and catches the eye of HIGH FLYING snow geese. This will allow you the ability draw the birds in even when there are other spreads in the general area. The beauty about the above mentioned sillo socks is that they sway in the wind giving you a base of motion. But this will not always be enough, so you need to look at mechanically run decoys. For instance there is a tornado that allows you to look like the X. Sillo Socks Tornado

>ELEVATED LEVELS Make your snow goose spread multi-layered to increase visibility. What I mean by this is have snows on the ground and in the air. For instance use a product like the Sillo Flapping Flyer so that you have some decoys looking like landing snow geese. This gives the overall illusion that the there is safety in your spread building the confidence of geese dropping in!

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