Bill Saunders Calls Gets Rave Reviews by Marsh Mutt Pro Staff

Bill Saunder’s Calls Get a Thumbs Up By Pro Staffer Brad Brown

Hello, and Happy New Year Marsh Mutt fans! My name is Brad Brown and I am from Idaho. Out here in the Panhandle (North Idaho) our migration is not what you would call epic. We get a small influx of birds and they tend to stick around for the season. Sounds good right? Well those birds get hammered on day in and day out which makes them pretty wary of any decoy spreads or any tiny detail not taken care of. By the end of November the birds get smart. That’s when we need to get smarter. One of the things, or I guess I should say, a few things, among all the tools and tricks I use around here to be successful the whole season through, are Bill Saunders calls.

Bill Saunder’s Calls Can Take a Beatingtraffic

Here at Marsh Mutt, we strive to have quality gear to help you become a quality hunter. That’s why we chose Bill Saunders Calls and gear as one of our premier brands of calls. Bill makes a wide variety of calls to handle all of the situations you will encounter in the field. From BIG Honkers on the wheat prairies to fat green heads on small backwater creeks and sloughs and everything in between. I have been hunting with Bill’s calls for the last 14 yrs. I can honestly say I have put these calls to the test. I have beat them up on boats, rocks, sand, mud and ice, and they keep up with all I do chasing those mesmerizing birds.

If you have the cajones for being in front of the red light , Bill has a line of calls that are designed to take it to the stage anywhere you want. For goose check out a Heavy, Redzone or a Goose Pimp. If duck is your more style, try out a Ticket or pick up the new EZ7.

The Marsh Mutt Store Has Everything You Need

I have a bit of a call addiction problem. It takes a lot for me to say that. My wife would agree I am sure of it but I am afraid to ask. I have plenty of calls in my arsenal to choose from, but if I had to choose one call to handle the geese, it would be my Hedge/Acrylic Traffic. It has an amazing high end, but can get down and dirty when I need it too. It is very responsive, especially when it is tuned properly, which is very easy to do contrary to what some might think. So do yourself a favor, visit the Marsh Mutt store and check out the Saunders call page and try one on for size. I am pretty sure you will be hooked!

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