Bill Saunders Calls

Bill Saunders Calls was founded in 1999 by a professional goose hunting guide. Through years of research in the goose fields, and by watching how wary Canada Geese react to the sound of goose calls Bill perfected his line. Bill has been able to intermingle some of the best looking calls on the market, with arguably the best sounding calls on the market.

Bill has also expanded his business into the niche market of Turkey Calls, and once again his call making ability has definitely shined through. From Slate Calls to mouth Calls, Saunders has really out done himself again.

Bill Saunders Calls have dominated the Competition Goose calling stage in the western states. For instance in California, it is rare to have a competition without having a ranking Saunders Calling Team member placing! Bill Saunders has done a wonderful job at creating a top notch squad to master his equally powerful product!

Don’t get me wrong his goose calls have also paid their dues in the field drawing in the weariest of geese the west have to offer! That ability to capture the attention of traffic running geese is a quality that all of us look for in a meat call like the Saunders goose call.

Marsh Mutt’s Pro Staff realized early on that when it comes to quality calls, Bill Saunders Calls offers what our customers need. This means we now offer the full Bill Saunders line of calls.

Bill Saunders Calls

Bill Saunders Calls are some of the greatest Duck and Goose Calls on the market today

Bill Saunders Duck Calls

Bill Saunders Goose Calls

Bill Saunders Turkey Calls