Bill Saunders “EZ7″ Duck Call



Bill Saunders “EZ7” Duck Call is literally an irreplaceable call for serious waterfowlers. You can make impressive near-natural and realistic calls, with little effort and almost no guidance. Greater volume, improved design and a radical quality to generate harmonically attractive sound make it your unmissable companion for duck hunting anywhere, anytime! And the great thing is it can be yours for as low as $69.00 only at your favorite and trusted waterfowl hunting gear and retriever training products’ partner Marsh Mutt.

Some waterfowlers buy duck calls based on how they sound, some buy based on the reviews of friends. But professional waterfowlers know a duck call is more than a sound-producing device. It embodies their personality, hope, attitude and most importantly a friend that fulfills their hunting mission. With Bill Saunders EZ7 – you get a helping friend that understands you, caters to your personal requirements and always gives you effort until your season is done. Besides producing an improved type of harmonic sound that is sound natural and realistic, it is effortless to use, maintain and keep. It is a great call, perfectly designed through time and effort so that when you go for a hunting, you are accompanied by something that gets you result, not noise.






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