Super Retriever Series
Super Retriever Series

The Super Retriever Series is Coming to A Town Near You The Super Retriever Series was originally discussed between two duck hunters during a fall duck hunt in 1998, and the following year the SRS was born. After a well thought out plan was formulated, the ground work was laid for the most competitive retriever game… Read more »

Announcing the All-New MOmarsh Freedom Hunter Blind

MOmarsh Launches New “Freedom Hunter” Blind for Hunters With Limited Mobility Marsh Mutt is proud to be the first to announce the Freedom Hunter by MoMarsh Outdoors. The Freedom Hunter was designed to assist hunters in enjoying the outdoors as often as possible in all environments.  This new product is named after a program called… Read more »

Confidence in Your Hunt

Decoys have come a long way since the day of Great Grandad carving them out of wood. I like to collect antique decoys by the way……just a little F.Y.I. Luckily for those of us who lack  carving skills there is an abundance of decoys to choose from these days. When it comes to waterfowl hunting… Read more »

Hunting is a Life Style

My name is Brandon Tressler, born and raised in Somerset, Pennsylvania. I’ve been hunting waterfowl for 13 years now. Whether I’m hunting my favorite marsh, big water lake, river banks, or laying in the field.  The entire season every spare moment you can find me hunting ducks and geese or scouting for them. My girlfriend… Read more »

The National Wild Turkey Federation has Helped Grow the Turkey Population Throughout the U.S and Canada

In 1973 hunters concerned about the conservation of both wild turkeys and their habitat formed the National Wild Turkey Federation. Thought it is now headquartered in South Carolina, it was originally incorporated in Virginia. With local clubs in each of the 50 states and in Canada, it has definitely expanded its reach to those who love… Read more »

Goose Hunting in the Pacific Flyway

Greetings Marsh Mutt Members, This has been a fun but extremely challenging season so far in the Pacific Flyway as we have had virtually no weather for nearly two years. Our season started out slow because our local mallard numbers were down due to no spring rains to fill the foothill brood ponds. And, with no… Read more »

A New Favorite from Patternmaster

Howdy folks, Welcome to Marsh Mutt! We’re glad you have found your way to our new site and hope you’ll enjoy many more visits. As a young, growing company, we are adding new products everyday to better serve you. Today, I’d like to tell you all about one of my favorite products in the Marsh… Read more »

wild turkey
Turkey Hunting Tips

Check Out Marsh Mutt’s Turkey Hunting Tips Before Your Next Hunt If chasing the North American Wild Turkey is your passion, then you realize filling your tag is no small task.  The more knowledge you have, the better off your chances are at bagging this elusive bird.  Our list of turkey hunting tips will definitely help you out this… Read more »