Choosing Shot Size

When hunting waterfowl you need to choose the shotgun size that fits your needs perfectly to get the perfect shot. This takes a balance between pellet energy and pallet density. You want your shell to put enough shot in the air to get multiple hits on one bird. Then you want each of those pellets… Read more »

Shooting Tips for Waterfowlers

Every once in a while, we run into days in the fields where we wish we could redo them. Sometimes those days are more frequent than we would like to admit. Here are five essential skills in wingshooting that us waterfowlers should master to successfully shoot ducks and geese. Lead Short leads are used in… Read more »

Goose Hunting Tips : Early Season Resident Geese

The early season, for hardcore waterfowlers, is to prepare themselves for the migratory geese that arrive later in the fall. These early season geese are incredibly smart. They are also extremely sensitive to the pressures from hunting. Here are some strategies that you can follow to make it a successful hunt. Find the Pattern Resident… Read more »

Tips for a More Successful Early Teal Season

This fall is the perfect time to get out and get a little early season teal hunting in. We’ve got some helpful tips to help you harvest some blue-winged teal. 1) Naturally a late person? Well you’re going to want to start doing things early. You want to be completely setup, gun loaded, your decoys… Read more »

Teal Hunting: Early Season

Locating Teal You can find blue-winged teal in both large and small water locations. They like to frequent lakes, sloughs, swamps, farm ponds, beaver ponds, etc. To find them, simply look for them at different known locations in the days leading up to the season. This will also help you scout areas where you will… Read more »

Tips for Early Season Goose Hunting

Finally, the time of year is back again where us hunters are starting to anxiously wait for the season to start! We start to prepare for what we want to be our best season yet. Here are some tips that may help the preparation go more smoothly. First, you’ll want to make sure you’re as… Read more »

Long Boring Offseaon

Happy May 2016 everyone. It’s Chaz again from south Louisiana, I hope everyone is having a good year and not forgetting about our awesome waterfowl season that is coming up. I know for me when the last day of the season comes around, I get depressed knowing it’s all over till next season. I try… Read more »

Decoy Tips: Deadly Decoy Mistakes

Deadly Decoy Mistakes- by Jesse Dies Tips for ducks that just won’t commit We have all been there. Everything is just right. The water, the wind, the decoys, yet birds just won’t commit the last second. Maybe someone was talking, who was it looking them in the eye? Maybe we aren’t blending. All thoughts that… Read more »

Passing on the Love for the Outdoors

I recently found out that I am going to be a dad. My first thoughts were nerves. I was more nervous than anything when I found out. It was not something that I had planned on happening at this time in my life, but it was happening. I was nervous, and I still am, but also excited…. Read more »

Daddy Daughter Time in the Outdoors

Hey everyone, this is Chaz Terrebonne from the good old south Louisiana. Four years ago my life changed when I got a phone call saying I was going to be a daddy. When I was growing up I always said one day I’ll have a mini me running around enjoying the outdoors just as much as… Read more »