Retriever Training Building the Foundation
Retriever Training: Building the Foundation by Pro Trainer Matt Duncan

Retriever Training: Building the Foundation In this weeks article we are going to start a dog’s basic obedience. Obedience is what we will continue to build on throughout his career and must be completed and maintained at a high standard. Most of what a retriever does afield is obedience based meaning if he is steady… Read more »

Nighttime Bowfishing
Nighttime Bowfishing

Whether it be a light mounted to your bow or lights mounted on your boat, there are many options when it comes to lights for bowfishing at night. Lights that mount to a bow come with a trigger and all the installation hardware you need to be able to shine and shoot fish. Two options… Read more »

Hen’s Teeth

As a Texas “born and raised” boy, you become accustomed to the many Texas (southern) cliche’s. For instance, “They look like they sort bobcats for a living” (used to describe an unattractive person); “Dumber than a box of hair” (someone who is not very smart); or, “rarer than hen’s teeth” (an extremely rare occurence). This… Read more »

Retriever Training
Retriever Training: Have a Plan by Matt Duncan

Retriever Training: Have a Plan by Matt Duncan In last weeks article we discussed finding a puppy and socializing your new retriever to many different environments. Now we are getting ready to move that puppy into more structured training such as introducing birds, water, decoys, gunfire and all the other things fido will need to… Read more »

Bowfishing for BIG FISH

Bowfishing for BIG FISH Bowfishing has a wide array of meaning for many different people. Some people like to chase carp, while others have their sights set on much bigger fish! There are numerous types of fish to stalk with the lights, so lets take some time to explore your options >Alligators: If you head… Read more »

Big Time Snow Goose Spreads

Big Time Snow Goose Spreads So your thinking about joining the ranks of Snow Goose Hunters? Now your talking about some work, have you every seen a REAL snow goose spread. These migrating flocks of white take a LARGE spread to draw down from above, but oh man there are some real rewards to snow… Read more »

chesapeake bay retriever
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a dual purpose breed that was AMERICAN engineerd to hunt waterfowl on the shores of the chesapeake bay with market hunters. Legend has it two “newfoundland dogs” began this breed in 1807, but the two dogs Canton and Sailor lived in different area’s of the bay leaving… Read more »

5 Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Snow Goose Hunting Tips If we have learned anything about snow goose hunting, it is that you must be prepared in order to get under the snow storm. Snow goose hunting is simply not as easy running traffic on Canada Geese, it takes a superb amount of time to become ready for snow goose season…. Read more »

small gun dog 1
Small Gun Dogs

Small gun dogs Recently I became interested in looking for a smaller breed for hunting that would also double for a good inside family dog. I have always had Labrador retrievers but they are always to high energy and to big/clumsy inside. What I came across was the boykin spaniels. From what I’ve seen they’re… Read more »