Scouting for Snow Geese

Scouting for Snow Geese As most of us in the Northern states start to wind down our regular waterfowl seasons, the snow goose hunter begins to prepare for the conservation season. This is the spring season where you can use electronic callers, pull the plug out of your shotgun, and there are no limits. Scouting… Read more »

Retriever Training
Retriever Training: Set Yourself Up For Success by Pro Trainer Matt Duncan

Retriever Training: Set Yourself Up For Success by Pro Trainer Matt Duncan Over the next several weeks I will be preparing training tips that are geared toward everything hunting retrievers. Including choosing a candidate for training, the health and welfare of your retriever, training and introducing your young retriever to hunting. I would like to… Read more »

Dog Training

Dog training can be challenging, especially for a hunter working with his/her pup for the first time. First, we need to recognize that your puppy knows pretty much nothing in its first few weeks of life. It is important to remember that you have to take things slow. Do not rush it! Patience is key… Read more »

Homemade Bowfishing Reel

“Homemade Bowfishing Reel” With the rising popularity of Bowfishing as a sport, we have seen numerous emails regarding Homemade Bowfishing Reels. This is especially true when someone is just starting out! The last thing they want to do is have to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new rig, only to find out they… Read more »

bowfishing tournaments
Bowfishing Tournaments

So you have gotten yourself addicted to Bowfishing, and now you want to try some Bowfishing Tournaments? Don’t worry, most of us have gotten addicted the very same way as you. And your 100 percent right, going to Tournaments can be an excellent way to enjoy this sport while making new contacts in the sport… Read more »

backwater bowfishing
Bowfishing Info

“Bowfishing Info” With the rapid rise of the Bowfishing as a sport in the United States, it is still difficult to get good Bowfishing Info. But in reality it is simply a combination of fishing and bowhunting, so it draws experts from both sides of this combination allowing for years of information to stand true…. Read more »

Turkey Hunting in the Rain

Turkey Hunting in the rain can be difficult, but on an upside it can definitely help equalize the playing field for turkey hunters! Turkeys mainly use sight and hearing to help defend against predators and/or hunters. When it is raining with windy conditions these keen senses are diminished, allowing the hunter to key in on… Read more »

How To Bowfish

“How To Bowfish” Hey everyone, this is Chaz Terrebonne from south Louisiana,and just wanted to drop in and do a little talking about “How To Bowfish.” Bow fishing is a big sport in a lot of areas these days and seems to only be growing. Learning how to bow fish isn’t that hard if you… Read more »

Labrador Training

“Labrador Training” While a good Hunting Dog Trainer can be worth his weight in gold, and while there is definitely a place of respect/honor among our elite group known as “Waterfowl Hunters” many in our ranks simply can’t afford the cost associated with Professional Labrador Training. Add to this equation the fact that many of… Read more »

Wisconsin Turkey Hunting
Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

Wisconsin turkey hunting has become a bi-annual tradition for many families in the great state of Wisconsin. Beginning in the late 1970’s the population of wild turkey in Wisconsin began to dwindle, which left loyal turkey hunters in despair. But in the early 1990’s the state DNR began a viable repopulation program through appropriate management… Read more »