Homemade Goose Decoys

Homemade goose decoys have been used since as far back as most of us can remember.  I can specifically remember a gentleman at Horicon Marsh sitting on a WHITE bucket and surrounding himself with black garbage bags, and much to our surprise he actually killed Canada Geese with that method!  But hunter be advised, we… Read more »

Hunting Local Geese

Hunting Local Geese I attended the California Duck Calling Championship last year and while I was there I was introduced to a Nationally well-known goose caller. Our conversation covered many subjects, but all centering around waterfowl hunting. As we continued he asked to see some pictures of my hunts. Local Geese Can be Tricky to… Read more »

How to store fresh fish
Do You Know How to Store Fresh Fish?

Do You Know How to Store Fresh Fish? Heat, humidity, and calms seas…….Summer is finally here and I’m ready to stock my fridge with fish! Snapper season just opened down here on the Texas Gulf Coast and we are headed out every weekend that the weather permits. Red Snapper is one of my all time… Read more »

Hunting Stories — “Ants in the Pants”

Hunting Stories — “Ants in the Pants” Hunting is a blast! I have walked away with so many hunting stories and memories but there was one particular hunt that was my favorite. I’d like to share it with all of you. My Favorite Hunting Story of All TIme Last spring me and my dad got up… Read more »

bowfishing equipment
Bowfishing Basics

Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world. Though the vast majority of bowfisherman are in the southern states, it has participants worldwide that enjoy this fun and exciting sport. With the combination of bowhunting and fishing, how could you possibly go wrong! In recent years bowfishing has grown in popularity… Read more »

wild turkey
Turkey Hunting in Arkansas

Turkey Hunting in Arkansas Hey everyone, this is Chris Rich again, your Marsh Mutt Pro Staffer from Arkansas. With Spring on the way, turkey season is here. Turkey hunting runs deep in Arkansas, truly in the blood of most Arkansan’s. Guys here are listening every morning just waiting on season to open.  In the northern… Read more »

crappie Fishing Techniques
Crappie Fishing Techniques and Tips for Beginners

As the ice thaws, appropriate crappie fishing techniques will be on most fisherman’s minds, and for the future of our sport it is important to pass along these great strategies to the youth. Crappie fishing is challenging, and intensely rewarding when you get on them.  The following is lists of tips aimed at helping the… Read more »