Bowfishing Basics

Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world. Though the vast majority of bowfisherman are in the southern states, it has participants worldwide that enjoy this fun and exciting sport. With the combination of bowhunting and fishing, how could you possibly go wrong! In recent years bowfishing has grown in popularity bringing in more and more newcomers. Keep reading for bowfishing basics..

Bowfishing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

This sport can be fairly inexpensive to get involved with, and can lead to hours of enjoyment. To start you will only need three things: bow, bowfishing equipmentbowfishing reel, and an bowfishing arrow. In the beginning I would suggest buying the cheapest stuff you can to make sure you love the sport before a larger investment. Generally sights aren’t used for bow hunting, because distances are much shorter than deer hunting. The typical bow poundage is between 40-60 pounds to draw, and can be adjusted on the bow itself. The reel you choose is up to you because it is a personal choice. I suggest you go online and check out the reviews prior to making the purchase. You can find a ton of great bowfishing equipment reviews on Mud Motor Chat’s new forum.

Bowfishing can be done from either day or night, and it can be enjoyed from either the shore or a boat.  If you check out the above forum, you can find some awesome bowfishing pictures from boats with high tech lighting systems. These lighting systems are used on boats for two separate purposes: attracting fishing and allowing shooting at night. But there are many different lighting options to choose from, and some use simple spotting lights with car batteries to help with their fishing adventure.

Hitting the fish is a completely different story. The general rule of thumb is aiming 6 inches low for every foot under the water the fish is. That being said, it takes some practice to get use to. Don’t get upset with yourself as even avid bowfisherman have only moderate fishing hitting ratio’s, so its just part of the sport. Remember, hunting is not meant to be easy. Legal species for bowhunting include most common non-game fish with examples being Carp, Gar, and Dogfish, and it is legal in most areas but be sure to check your local regulations.

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BowFishing Gear

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