Bowfishing for BIG FISH

Bowfishing for BIG FISH

Bowfishing has a wide array of meaning for many different people. Some people like to chase carp, while others have their sights set on much bigger fish! There are numerous types of fish to stalk with the lights, so lets take some time to explore your options

>Alligators: If you head south to Louisiana or Mississippi you can definitely get into the gators. Now for some this reminds you of swamp people, but bowfisherman see this a little different. It gives them a chance to use their skills on a true preditor! If you get a chance give it a try.

>Stingrays: When you head to Gulf Shores there is a TON of charters offering Stingray charters on big water. While down there 3 years ago some of our crew was able to try it out with Liquid Trails and we had a blast. Follow that link above so that you can get involved with them is you ever head to the Redneck Riviera.

>Alligator Gar: These beasts can weigh in at hundreds of pounds, and will definitely give you a workout. The mecca of these fine creatures is Texas, and they are a true trophy. Should you decide to head down to Texas, take our advice and get a guide. The last thing you want to do is chase them down by yourself.

When your after the biggest of the big, you equipment counts. Don’t waste your time on low grade gear, get a competitive edge. Take a look at the BowFishing Gear our pro-staff has spend hours in the field testing this gear so we now you won’t be disappointed.

Now get out there and stick a fish!


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