Bowfishing Info

“Bowfishing Info”

With the rapid rise of the Bowfishing as a sport in the United States, it is still difficult to get good Bowfishing Info. But in reality it is simply a combination of fishing and bowhunting, so it draws experts from both sides of this combination allowing for years of information to stand true. Before we go any further, please be warned that once you are drawn to this sport you will never get out. It will steal many hours of your free time, and you will be forced to enjoy many nights with your friends out on the local waterways.

When you first get started there is not really a need for fancy equipment. All you really need is a bow with no sights, and a quality reel/arrows. This will allow you to get a taste of the sport without major expense. But once you start to get bitten by the bug, you can simply come to “Marsh Mutt Bowfishing Gear”

ams bowfishing reel

There are many different reels on the market today, and none of them come with a major expense. All of them screw into the same hole as the stabilizer on every bow, making it completely possible to create a dual purpose bow. Keep in mind though that sites are not used in bowfishing, so to dual purpose those would have to be removed.

Fiberglass arrows are easy to pick up at at any retail outlet, and can be found in bulk at a fairly good discount. Marsh Mutt has a wide variety of arrows for you to choose from. I would suggest ordering a small assortment so that you can choose your favorite style!

If your going to get involved in the sport, it is important to also support the rights of the sport. In order to truly help the sport you should join “Bowfishing Association”

GET INVOLVED TODAY AND STICK A FISH, make sure to get the right Bowfishing Info


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