California Early Goose Season

California Early Goose Season is lining up to be a real Memory Maker.

DFG has given us 10 large Canada’s per day per person this year and the spring hatch on local Honkers was off the charts with the geese returning to nest multiple times.
While scouting for doves we came across hundreds of goslings and juveniles covering up the waterways.
I planted a new grain in my food plots last fall and not only do the geese love it it will make great cover for the layout blinds.


Water is still a issue not only in our area but in many parts of the Mid Pacific Flyway , this can be good or bad , but because we pump many of our ponds we will have water and maybe the only show in town.
The County Parks Dept. has all but given up oiling goose nests and we are glad to see it go Hunting is the correct and fiscally responsible way to deal with the over population of the large Canadians.
I’m almost done with my floating blinds and while both waterfowl boats received updated modifications this year they are almost done as well.
We still need to gather and tie several hundred bundles of wheat stock to use on the layout blinds and while this type of work is very monotonous it is also very necessary to blend in well.
The Local Honker numbers are high for a reason and that is because they are the hardest waterfowl there is to decoy down into a spread.

Fred Zink once told me if you can fool local honkers you can fool them all.
One to two hunts in a given field and they avoid it like the plague when they approach the Decoys they soar slowly over the top high enough to be just out of range and then slowly drop down on continued revolutions over the spread it take numerous passes before they are willing to sit down.
Their keen eyes which are ten times more powerful then the human eye and their 320 degree field of view let’s them pick out even the slightest movement.

But with good blind concealment , correct decoy placement and motion in the spread even a blue bird California day can be Epic.

Here’s to this Waterfowl Season and to Marsh Mutt for helping us get the gear we all need to be successful.
New Food Plots

One of those Epic Blue Bird Days

Joe Hendrex
Hughson Waterfowl
Marsh Mutt. Pro-Staff
G&H Decoys Pro-Staff

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