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Poseidon by Fin-Finder Bowfishing Review

This season the team decided to get new bows. After a lot of research and trying to keep the budget low, we decided to give the Poseidon by Fin-Finder a shot. Upon receiving the bow from Marsh Mutt in an unbelievable next day delivery, I commenced to setting it up. With the multiple mounting holes… Read more »

Nighttime Bowfishing

Nighttime Bowfishing

Whether it be a light mounted to your bow or lights mounted on your boat, there are many options when it comes to lights for bowfishing at night. Lights that mount to a bow come with a trigger and all the installation hardware you need to be able to shine and shoot fish. Two options… Read more »

Bowfishing for BIG FISH

Bowfishing for BIG FISH Bowfishing has a wide array of meaning for many different people. Some people like to chase carp, while others have their sights set on much bigger fish! There are numerous types of fish to stalk with the lights, so lets take some time to explore your options >Alligators: If you head… Read more »

Homemade Bowfishing Reel

“Homemade Bowfishing Reel” With the rising popularity of Bowfishing as a sport, we have seen numerous emails regarding Homemade Bowfishing Reels. This is especially true when someone is just starting out! The last thing they want to do is have to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new rig, only to find out they… Read more »

Bowfishing Tournaments

bowfishing tournaments

So you have gotten yourself addicted to Bowfishing, and now you want to try some Bowfishing Tournaments? Don’t worry, most of us have gotten addicted the very same way as you. And your 100 percent right, going to Tournaments can be an excellent way to enjoy this sport while making new contacts in the sport… Read more »

Bowfishing Info

backwater bowfishing

“Bowfishing Info” With the rapid rise of the Bowfishing as a sport in the United States, it is still difficult to get good Bowfishing Info. But in reality it is simply a combination of fishing and bowhunting, so it draws experts from both sides of this combination allowing for years of information to stand true…. Read more »

How To Bowfish

“How To Bowfish” Hey everyone, this is Chaz Terrebonne from south Louisiana,and just wanted to drop in and do a little talking about “How To Bowfish.” Bow fishing is a big sport in a lot of areas these days and seems to only be growing. Learning how to bow fish isn’t that hard if you… Read more »

Bowfishing Basics

bowfishing equipment

Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world. Though the vast majority of bowfisherman are in the southern states, it has participants worldwide that enjoy this fun and exciting sport. With the combination of bowhunting and fishing, how could you possibly go wrong! In recent years bowfishing has grown in popularity… Read more »