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Retriever Training: Building the Foundation by Pro Trainer Matt Duncan

Retriever Training Building the Foundation

Retriever Training: Building the Foundation In this weeks article we are going to start a dog’s basic obedience. Obedience is what we will continue to build on throughout his career and must be completed and maintained at a high standard. Most of what a retriever does afield is obedience based meaning if he is steady… Read more »

Hen’s Teeth

As a Texas “born and raised” boy, you become accustomed to the many Texas (southern) cliche’s. For instance, “They look like they sort bobcats for a living” (used to describe an unattractive person); “Dumber than a box of hair” (someone who is not very smart); or, “rarer than hen’s teeth” (an extremely rare occurence). This… Read more »

Small Gun Dogs

small gun dog 1

Small gun dogs Recently I became interested in looking for a smaller breed for hunting that would also double for a good inside family dog. I have always had Labrador retrievers but they are always to high energy and to big/clumsy inside. What I came across was the boykin spaniels. From what I’ve seen they’re… Read more »

Labrador Training

“Labrador Training” While a good Hunting Dog Trainer can be worth his weight in gold, and while there is definitely a place of respect/honor among our elite group known as “Waterfowl Hunters” many in our ranks simply can’t afford the cost associated with Professional Labrador Training. Add to this equation the fact that many of… Read more »

Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting

Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting Wood duck hunting demands special skills because finding them can be a challenge. They breed in habitats that are wooded, swampy, ponds, shallow lakes, and creeks. These colorful and beautiful waterfowls are great because they dwell where other ducks fear to tread. They habitually nest in hollows of trees… Read more »

Just Laying Out

Just laying out Hunting out of layout blind is a unique experience and is completely different than what we usually do out on the open waters of North Carolina. Being able to see every feather of the honker that is back peddling fixing to land in the spread you put out just before daybreak is… Read more »