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Turkey Hunting in the Rain

Turkey Hunting in the rain can be difficult, but on an upside it can definitely help equalize the playing field for turkey hunters! Turkeys mainly use sight and hearing to help defend against predators and/or hunters. When it is raining with windy conditions these keen senses are diminished, allowing the hunter to key in on… Read more »

Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

Wisconsin turkey hunting has become a bi-annual tradition for many families in the great state of Wisconsin. Beginning in the late 1970’s the population of wild turkey in Wisconsin began to dwindle, which left loyal turkey hunters in despair. But in the early 1990’s the state DNR began a viable repopulation program through appropriate management… Read more »

Turkey Hunting in Arkansas

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Turkey Hunting in Arkansas Hey everyone, this is Chris Rich again, your Marsh Mutt Pro Staffer from Arkansas. With Spring on the way, turkey season is here. Turkey hunting runs deep in Arkansas, truly in the blood of most Arkansan’s. Guys here are listening every morning just waiting on season to open.  In the northern… Read more »

How to Hunt Turkeys for Beginners


A Beginners Guide — How to Hunt Turkeys I can’t tell you how many people ask me how to hunt turkeys successfully, so I figured an article explaining some common tactics would be useful to beginners. Though turkey hunting can be a very strategically difficult task, it does not take a lot of money to… Read more »

The National Wild Turkey Federation has Helped Grow the Turkey Population Throughout the U.S and Canada

In 1973 hunters concerned about the conservation of both wild turkeys and their habitat formed the National Wild Turkey Federation. Thought it is now headquartered in South Carolina, it was originally incorporated in Virginia. With local clubs in each of the 50 states and in Canada, it has definitely expanded its reach to those who love… Read more »

Turkey Hunting Tips

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Check Out Marsh Mutt’s Turkey Hunting Tips Before Your Next Hunt If chasing the North American Wild Turkey is your passion, then you realize filling your tag is no small task.  The more knowledge you have, the better off your chances are at bagging this elusive bird.  Our list of turkey hunting tips will definitely help you out this… Read more »