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Daddy Daughter Time in the Outdoors

Hey everyone, this is Chaz Terrebonne from the good old south Louisiana. Four years ago my life changed when I got a phone call saying I was going to be a daddy. When I was growing up I always said one day I’ll have a mini me running around enjoying the outdoors just as much as… Read more »


FEBRUARY GUN DOG CONTEST We know you are VERY PROUD of your Best Friend!!! Now is the time to brag about him/her!! On the last day of February we will select 3 WINNERS, each of which will get a 25 dollar gift certificate for Marsh Mutt Enter your Gun Dog into this contest by 1)… Read more »

Bowfishing for BIG FISH

Bowfishing for BIG FISH Bowfishing has a wide array of meaning for many different people. Some people like to chase carp, while others have their sights set on much bigger fish! There are numerous types of fish to stalk with the lights, so lets take some time to explore your options >Alligators: If you head… Read more »

How To Bowfish

“How To Bowfish” Hey everyone, this is Chaz Terrebonne from south Louisiana,and just wanted to drop in and do a little talking about “How To Bowfish.” Bow fishing is a big sport in a lot of areas these days and seems to only be growing. Learning how to bow fish isn’t that hard if you… Read more »

Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

Wisconsin turkey hunting has become a bi-annual tradition for many families in the great state of Wisconsin. Beginning in the late 1970’s the population of wild turkey in Wisconsin began to dwindle, which left loyal turkey hunters in despair. But in the early 1990’s the state DNR began a viable repopulation program through appropriate management… Read more »

Marsh Mutt Merry Christmas

We at Marsh Mutt would like to take a second to thank everyone for such a wonderful Christmas Season. As a small family run business, it is always our goal to create a wonderful experience for all of our shoppers. Merry Christmas to All

Tips on Caring for your hunting dog during freezing weather

Tips On Caring For Your Hunting Dog During Freezing Weather. Hunting dogs should not be kept outside in sub-zero weather. It is critical that the right precautions are taken to ensure that these dogs are kept comfortable during the winter months. Most hunters make the mistake of assuming that their canines experience cold in the… Read more »

Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting

Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting Wood duck hunting demands special skills because finding them can be a challenge. They breed in habitats that are wooded, swampy, ponds, shallow lakes, and creeks. These colorful and beautiful waterfowls are great because they dwell where other ducks fear to tread. They habitually nest in hollows of trees… Read more »

Dakota Decoy X-treme Mallards Review

“Dakota Decoy X-treme Mallards Review” When it comes to decoys, I can confidently say that I have tried just about everything out there. When I first set eyes on the Dakota Mallards, I was slightly reticent given the price for a dozen decoys. I talked to a field staffer from Dakota, and I was sold…. Read more »

Drake Waterfowl Blades Camo short sleeve shirt review

I had the privilege and opportunity to get a Drake Blades Camo short sleeve shirt. It is lightweight, breathable, great fabric and even better quality. It is perfect for those warm morning hunts, early season teal/goose shoots, dove hunting, or even just to wear out and about. It has several pockets to place your phone,… Read more »