Confidence in Your Hunt

Decoys have come a long way since the day of Great Grandad carving them out of wood. I like to collect antique decoys by the way……just a little F.Y.I. Luckily for those of us who lack  carving skills there is an abundance of decoys to choose from these days. When it comes to waterfowl hunting you can find all sorts of ducks species in a variety of detail and price range. I own several different types of decoys, from moving to oversized. When hunting ducks my decoy game plan

Heron Decoychanges and seldom stays the same. Depending on the time of year and location of the hunt I use anywhere from a handful to several dozen decoys at a time.

Most of the waterfowl hunting that I take part in is in salt marshes off islands in the bay of South Texas. When hunting the salt marsh we tend to use several Pintail, Redheads and Buffelhead decoys. Occasionally we throw in a Widgeon or some Teal. The Teal usually show up early  down here so we use more of those decoys in the first split of the season. As the season progresses I have found that the ducks very often become decoy shy. That’s when you gotta get creative or just break out a confidence decoy.

Confidence decoys are not something I use every time in my spread, they do not always work. I have found them to aid most during the end of the season when the ducks have been schooled and are a bit leery. They have been a necessity though in a few of our heavily trafficked hunting spots. We have a ton of shore birds that frequent the banks with the ducks so I like using Blue Heron or Crane like decoys that resemble sea birds. Marsh Mutt actually carries a very detailed Blue Heron confidence decoy that has worked well for me. Check it out along with our wide variety of other decoys. That confidence bird might just come in handy as this season comes to an end! Happy hunting!!!


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