Crappie Fishing Techniques and Tips for Beginners

As the ice thaws, appropriate crappie fishing techniques will be on most fisherman’s minds, and for the future of our sport it is important to pass along these great strategies to the youth. Crappie fishing is challenging, and intensely rewarding when you get on them.  The following is lists of tips aimed at helping the beginner crappie fisherman pull in more slabs this spring.crappie Fishing Techniques

  •  Pre-spawn early spring means a huge feeding frenzy in the shallows along banks and piers. This time makes it easy to reach the crappie target, and increases the effectiveness of shore fishing. This is a great technique when fishing Crappie. Make sure to take advantage while you can.
  • Once spawn nests are made it is easier to identify larger congregations of crappie because they seem to make their nests relatively close together. It is also important to note that males will vigorously defend their nests, so get ready for a great fight.
  • Most nests will be found in areas of one to 5 feet of water, but depending on the lake the nests can be in up to 20 feet of water. Also, note that the spawn normally begins when the water reaches 56 degrees.
  • Overly long cane poles or crappie poles are the most used technique to swing baits easily into the best areas of high nest concentrations. This technique makes it easier to accurately target areas without scaring fish with multiple casts.
  • The most popular bait in the spring are minnows and grubs on jig heads. These can be floated at any depth under a light bobber, making the bait seem to float under water, really drawing the attention of angry male crappie defending nests.

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