Daddy Daughter Time in the Outdoors

Hey everyone, this is Chaz Terrebonne from the good old south Louisiana.

Four years ago my life changed when I got a phone call saying I was going to be a daddy.

When I was growing up I always said one day I’ll have a mini me running around enjoying the outdoors just as much as me, well bam it happened.

But low and behold, months later, we find out we were having a lil girl. I wasn’t upset about it, which kinda freaked some friends out when I told them because I always said I wanted a boy. Well I knew no matter what I was going to show her the outdoor life. As an outdoorsman, I woke up a lot of mornings wondering how hard was it going to be to train a little princess to enjoy the life outdoors.

Well I was wrong, the day she arrived I knew right then and there I had me a sidekick in the making. As I watched her grow up, I kept her drawers full of camouflage outfits and her dressed in camouflage. Her momma was always gave me them eyes like, “Come on now …”

Four years later I must say I have a little princess that loves the outdoors and won’t let me leave home without her if the boat is hooked to the truck. I couldn’t be happier watching her enjoy the outdoors. The best part is when you are laying there and “you hear that voice of your daughter at the side of the bed saying “Daddy, can we go fishing or hunting today?”. That right there brings smiles to my face all the time. It will make you know you are raising your kids right. With that being said don’t ever think you can’t have a princess enjoy what we love the most. Plus, it’s a beautiful sight seeing them lil girly girls show up them boys up.

If anyone likes to share them moments please come visit us at MarshMutt and share with us, we enjoy seeing our youth enjoying the outdoors.

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