Dakota Decoy X-treme Mallards Review

“Dakota Decoy X-treme Mallards Review”

When it comes to decoys, I can confidently say that I have tried just about everything out there.
Dakota Decoy Mallard Review
When I first set eyes on the Dakota Mallards, I was slightly reticent given the price for a dozen decoys. I talked to a field staffer from Dakota, and I was sold. This was about 3 years ago, and I must say, that was the best decision I have ever made as far as decoys. I exclusively hunt over Dakota waterfowl decoys, whether I’m hunting in the swamps, ponds, or chasing honkers in layout blinds in a cut corn field. The durability of these decoys is second to none. While I do take care of my waterfowl equipment, being on boats and in the back of trucks etc, they do get abused. It blows my mind how well these decoys withstand abuse, and maintain that brand new look. While they are more expensive than most decoys out there, I have saved tons of money in the long run by not replacing a single one of them. During the waterfowl season, I hunt at least four days a week, and since I got these mallards, they have never missed a trip. They have become an essential part of my spread, whether I am hunting open water, or have them attached to a jerk string, they bring the birds in! I can not say enough about how awesome these decoys really are. The only way to see for yourself, is to go to the Marsh Mutt website, order a dozen, and watch the birds pour into your hole!

-Heath Saunders Marsh Mutt Prostaff

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