Dakota Decoys

One of the most popular decoys on the market today, Dakota Decoys is known for producing a quality realistic decoy. With ample flocking, and ultra natural poses the Dakota Decoys boys definitely hit the nail on the head for what hunters are seeking. And this speaks massively in the amount of decoys they sell nationwide. From Maryland to California, every duck hunter knows the name Dakota Decoys

Marsh Mutt offers a wide selection of Dakota Decoys, and we definitely want you to take a peek today. But that being said we don’t want you to buy these decoys simply because we tell you they are nice. Please feel free to check out the reviews that Dakota Decoys has accumulated all over the internet. Waterfowl Hunters seem to sing the praises of these decoys everywhere.

Dakota Decoys

A lot of manufactures will tell you that using flocking is only to attract the eye of the customer in the store instead of the ducks. We would have to differ on that subject. Mainly because we can see the difference with our own eyes, which obviously means the keen eye of the ducks can see the difference.

From a quality standpoint these duck and goose decoys have stood the test of time. They seem to stand up very well to all elements, and even to the viscous decoy trailers of today. Though it would be our recommendation that you take as good of care as you can of this product due to the overall expense.

I have heard many people say, THEY ARE JUST TO EXPENSIVE. But we would have to insist that you get what you pay for. If you want a cheaper decoy that you will have to replace yearly, there are plenty of manufactures that would be happy to sell you exactly what you are looking for.