Decoy Tip- Buying Decoys Once

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Decoy Tip- Buying Decoys Once

Hey everyone, This is your normal Cajun Chaz Terrebonne from south Louisiana wanting to write about decoys today. It’s our offseason at the moment, but I can’t get this off my mind and figured I’d throw this out there to everyone. When it comes to duck hunting the most important part besides scouting and finding a good location is having decoys that do their jobs. Decoys are without a doubt the one thing that you should not go cheap on in my eyes. Think about it this way; ducks shouldn’t see you, or your gun, or any of your equipment besides your decoys, but they are supposed to see them! You already have to go out of your way to hide from the ducks because their eyes are so sharp, you don’t think they wouldn’t look twice at a cheap decoy? Dakota Decoys have definitely gone out of their way to make sure that every little detail looks right. You will be paying a good little amount for a dozen decoys, but it will be worth it in the end. Living in the south and hunting he oyster reefs, sand bars, and more it takes a toll on equipment.Plus I can’t forget to say how ruff I am on everything. I was going through cheap decoys a lot each year. At the end of the season I could have bought all my Dakotas lol. Another thing to consider is that you may not be the best caller if you’re starting out, or you may not be the best caller period, so having good looking decoys will help make up for lacking a good call. I give Dakota Decoys a big thumbs up for the sweet products they make. I knew that I had good looking decoys when I was hunting in a crowded area and my decoys kept pulling ducks from the everyone else’s set ups. Im sure it could be more than the looks that pulled them away but when comparing these to others hands down they on top.

Marshmutt is a dealer for these awesome Dakota Decoys and we are always running some great deals on them. Come check us out when it comes to getting ready for the season. We are a bunch of outdoorsman just like the rest and will help in anyway we can.

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