Best Electronic Training Collar for Gun Dogs

Obedience training is the most important thing that you can provide for your dog. The use of electronic collars is widespread among dog owners. They’re a great tool for training your dog to stay in or out of certain areas or to dissuade them from performing a long list of certain unwanted behaviors like jumping on your guests, or leaving the yard. They’re also used to train popular hunting dog breeds like Retrievers, Terriers, Spaniels, and Pointers. It’s important to gain as much knowledge as you can when looking for the best electronic dog training collar for gun dogs, or for training your dog for around the yard.

If you have ever been waterfowl hunting with a bird dog you know that there’s nothing quite like hunting near your favorite watering hole in freezing cold weather, hitting a duck, and have your trusted dog swim out there to collect your bounty, and swim back to shore with the duck in his mouth. You have to admit, the convenience and benefits of having a reliable four-legged hunting partner is something that all serious waterfowl hunters can truly appreciate. And, with the proper training, not only will your dog help you with successful hunts, but he will also be your loving and obedient best friend for life.

If you’re just getting started with your pup and are looking to choose the best electronic collar training, do your homework before you buy. Not all electronic dog collars are alike. There are a wide range of models to choose from. If you pull the trigger without doing the proper research, you could be spending more money than necessary. Not only that, you can harm your dog.

What to Look for When Buying an Electronic Dog Collar

The good thing about electronic collars is that there are loads of options. It can be an overwhelming and confusing buying process being that there are numerous brands available and each offering different ranges, functions, and levels of stimulation. We want to help make your decision easier for you so that you can feel confident with your purchase and can hit the ground running once your new e-collar shows up at your door.

Range – The maximum range you see listed in the product descriptions is based on line of sight. This simply means that in order to get the full range out of your setup, nothing should come between the transmitter and the receiver. Flat open land is ideal to get the greatest benefit. You can find e-collars that are good for as little as 100 yards which work best for yard training all the way up to 4 miles. Unless you own a hound that is often running off chasing game, a one mile range collar should be sufficient. For pointing bird dogs we recommend a collar that provides a minimum ½ mile range.

Stimulation levels – The term stimulation level applies to both the vibration and the static shock. The easiest way to test the different simulations is to try it on yourself. Place your finger, hand, or arm on both contact points. Start with the lowest level working your way up until you begin to feel the sensation. Once the stimulation is noticeable you can increase the stimulation until you have reached your limit. This will give you a good starting point of what level to start with and will also give you an idea of what your dog is feeling. Keep in mind that the max level for your dog can be much different given his temperament, skin, and fur thickness. While this is a controversial topic, if done correctly, it is completely safe.

“Nick”, “Constant” and non-stimulating pager/vibration – “Nick” is a slight stimulation, or shock given to the dog. This should be used as a last resort if the dog really needs the “nick”. It is recommended that you begin at the lowest level to see how your dog will react. You should never have to go high. Constant means that the “nick” is felt constantly for a longer period of time, usually this is around 10 seconds. Pager/vibration is just that, a vibration, no shock. This will definitely get your dog’s attention and they will stop whatever it is that they are doing and look at you.

Waterproof/Water Resistant – Waterproof means that it can withstand being submerged into water. Meaning the e-collar can remain on your dog while he is outside in the rain, swimming or in or around marshes, wetlands, or beaches. Not having a waterproof collar could mean trouble down the line. We always recommend going with a fully waterproof unit.

Multi-Dog System – When we say not all electronic collars are alike, this is a great example. There are collars that are built to work with one or multiple dogs. With the additional purchase of an add on collar unit(s), the transmitter is designed to allow multiple dogs to be trained on a single transmitter.

Size – Not all electronic collars are meant for any size dog. Check the specs of the collar you are interested in to see if it is compatible with your size dog.

Take a Closer Look at Some of Our Best Electronic Dog Training Collars

Now that you know what to look for when buying a e-collar for your hunting dog, check out our list of systems that we highly recommend.

Dogtra Edge RT – The Dogtra Edge RT is a multi-dog system that delivers a full one mile range. It is fully waterproof and offers low to high power stimulation. Other key features include: three-dog system, nick, constant, and non-stimulating Pager vibration, stimulation/combination buttons, selector/step dial with stimulation levels 0-8. It is compatible with dogs 35 lbs and up. In our opinion, this is one of the best electronic training Collars you can get for Gun Dogs. This model has become the dog training collar of choice for most professional dog trainers.

Dogtra Arc Wetlands – Get the best bang for your buck with the affordable Arc Wetlands model by Dogtra. The waterproof, Arc Wetlands works for dogs as little as 15 lbs. It is a single-dog system that is good for 3/4 of a mile. It comes with a low profile receiver collar that is ergonomically designed to shape to your dog’s neck, rheostat/volume dial with stimulation levels 0-127, and LCD screen.

Sportdog Wetlandhunter 1825 – With a full mile range and the ability to add up to 6 additional gun dogs to this collar, this is one of our favorites. Highlights of the Wetlander 1825 include: Tone and vibration options with 16 continuous and 8 momentary stimulation levels, waterproof and submersible to 25 feet, Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that charge in only 2 hours, and a Realtree Max-5® Camo Finish. Also included in the box are a belt clip, lanyard, operating manual and DVD.

Sportdog Wetlandhunter 425 – This model is another great choice if you aren’t looking to spend big dollar to get quality gear. With a range of 500 yards it’s definitely a dog training collar that will help you push your dog to his limit. It is a waterproof, 3-dog system with seven levels of static stimulation in medium or high ranges. The receiver is compatible for dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5” to 22”. The lithium-ion batteries will give 50-70 hours per charge. Give this one a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

With the right electronic collar, you can have control of your dog and peace of mind knowing that if your dog is off leash he will come back when called every time.

Marsh Mutt is Here to Help You Find the Right Collar for Both You and Your Dog

If you have any questions about finding the best electronic collar for your gun dog, feel free to give us a call. Be sure to check out our entire selection of collars where you’ll be sure to find the right one for you and your dog. If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase we will gladly exchange it out for something that you like better.