Dog Training Collars Cheaper

So as you look through all the higher end dog training collars, Im sure your thinking to yourself that there is no option for the blue collar gun dog enthusiast.  But that is simply not the case.  As we learned in the previous pages, there IS a collar for everyone.  Both Sportdog and Dogtra offer products that will keep some cash in your wallet, while still allowing you to do all the same training activities as the Professional Trainers


  • Sportdog Wetlandhunter 425   Sportdog Wetlandhunter 425: Again you should not have to spend a fortune to get quality gear!  Sportdog came through for the working man on this collar.  With a range of 500 yards it is definitely a dog training collar that will help you push your retriever to his limits.  Training on a budget is my preference!!


  • Dogtra Arc Wetlands Dog Training CollarDogtra Arc Wetlands:  As proven by dogtra with this training collar, you don’t always need to spend a fortune to get a top quality collar.  3/4 of a mile range with a Max 5 finish gives you another double threat!  This collar is not for everyone, but it gives you some solid bang for your buck!




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With Marsh Mutt you can train your gun dog with any budget, and you can do it effectively!!!!

If you are trying to get your retriever to the next level, don’t forget to make it to your local HRC Clubs next training day.  There will be folks that can help you weather it is your first dog or your a seasoned gun dog trainer!