Dog Training Collars: Collar Conditioning

We all can agree that in almost ALL situations, using an E-Collar is going to be beneficial in training a gun dog appropriately, and in the most humane manner!  There are some keys to starting this journey, and that is what this page is here to help you through!  As we have said before, WE actually train with the equipment we sell!  So let us help you!

Gun Dog Training CollarLets start off like this, you just opened the box of your new e-collar that you ordered on Marsh Mutt. What do you do now?  That is easy, lets let your gun dog get use to the weight of the dog training collar!  Put it on him/her, but leave the transmitter at home.  Let him/her run around the yard with it, and definitely put it on before anything FUN.  Let your dog associate the collar with everything fun in his/her life.  You want your gun dog to really enjoy training, almost as much as they enjoy hunting.

During the period in which your dog is getting use to the collar itself, this is the perfect time to teach/reinforce basic obedience.  It is VERY important to note that that you should never use the e-collar on a command that your dog has not previously been taught to FULLY understand.  So it is really important to spend as much time on basic obedience as you can prior to introducing the correction phase of the dog training collar.  Once the gun dog FULLY understands obedience commands, there is not anything more humane to reinforce overall obedience than a dog training collar!!

Before you start reinforcing obedience with your gun dog, you should find the level at which they are comfortable with.  Let your dog roam around a fun area.  During this time, slowly increase the level of the collar using the nick button until you see your dog notice the stimulation.  This is not to cause pain to the dog, this is only to find the level at which the dog notices the stimulation.  Remember that the purpose of an e-collar is to allow the retriever to understand that their trainer is able to reach them even when they are off lead.

In later articles watch for information on collar fetch!!!!!

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