dogtra 2300NCP Advance

The dogtra 2300ncp advance is a controller for the dog tour e-collars that you can put on your chest. This is a pretty amazing system for training your dog in a hill, or even only once more to essential strategy for calling them.  You can utilize it for most out of control or easygoing  dogs. It comes with a decent case and it’s hard plastic with a two secure buckles. It comes with a very nice manual and imagery in it.  The dogtra 2300 ncp has two shades color orange and black.

The hand held remote control have orange and black button on the side with power soft button.  You can change the power of the nick function using the little thing to twist at the top.  In order to use the nick function, which is a quick little shocked and can use either black or orange.  Just pressed it once and it remotes wireless connected to the correct e-collar of your choice.

This particular dogtra 2300ncp model has continuous mode if you will switch the button down to “c”, that gives a long dead shocked and sort of a nuclear options for dogs if chooses to do something really bad and it can undoubtedly stop them right where they are. It does include pager options that vibrates whichever color coded button you pick. It makes the color unit vibrate on their throat.

The actual dogtra 2300ncp advance e-collar has two tumblers and  once it is connected, it provides genuine charge to them. The whole thing comes with a multi-practical charger that can charge them by and large. The batteries are quite great that comes with a light weight and keep going quite a while.