Drake Waterfowl Breeze-Ryder Decoys-Standard Mallards-Dozen



Breeze-Ryder Decoys are designed to produce maximum MOTION on the water whether hunting with or without a keel. Keel-free hunting provides increased decoy movement and lighter carrying weight. When your hunting situation requires a keel, the Breeze-Ryder Twist-Lock Keel (sold separately) uses a unique cylindrical design that reduces water drag and maximizes motion. – Perfect for shallow-water rigging: 4 anchor point locations ideal for Texas rigs – Ideal for deep-water rigging: the Cord Wrap Cleats allow you to wrap decoy cord and secure with a strap weight or L-shaped anchor weight – Built-in Depth Adjuster Cord Locks: the ultimate in keel-free versatility enables you to wrap over 20′ of cord and hunt at any depth as needed. Simply unwrap cord to desired depth and secure the cord in the Depth Adjuster Cord Locks to set the depth. – Four Anchor Points: rig your decoys from multiple anchor points to vary movement and increase realism within the spread. Use swivels to eliminate line twisting, and keep the cord depth as shallow as possible to reduce slack. Decoys anchored in the center will have a rotational motion with the slightest breeze. Standard Decoys measure 15 3/4″ tip-to-tip and 18 1/2″ in circumference. Includes 4 Upright Drakes, 4 Rester Drakes, and 4 Hens.






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