Duck Blind Manners

IT IS SPRING!!!!!! Don’t waste any time. I want you to think back about all the retrievers you have ever hunted with. Undoubtedly there will be one or two that have shown up accompanied by an owner that has to tether them to the blind due to bad manners. Shaking, barking, constant attention seeking, not paying attention and the list goes on. But that does not have to be YOUR dog, now is the time of year where you can get out of the house and push your gun dog to his limits.

1) Scenario Train: Do you hunt from a floating duck blind all year? If you do you should spend time training in a floating duck blind! Get your dog use to the environment you intend them to excel in. If you have to pull a jon boat in your back yard! No matter what you have to do, get your dog in the same scenario’s your commonly hunt in!

2) Obedience: It is needless to say that OBEDIENCE routines are your friend. Expect nothing but the best obedience from your retriever, but remember that you have to teach them what you expect prior to correcting bad behavior. Spend time every day on obedience, and remember to challenge your retriever! Don’t forget obedience in your HUNTING SCENARIO’s. We previously spoke of the importance of obedience consistency

3) Hunting Retriever Club: Get involved in a local club that has an active membership. Have you ever heard the say “it takes a village to raise a child,” well that is the same with gun dogs. Sometimes it takes someone with knowledge looking from the outside in to see how to resolve the issue your having!

Don’t forget that you need to the right equipment to train your dog right. Marsh Mutt has the right equipment to get the job done!
Hunting Retriever Gear

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