Duck Decoy and Goose Decoy Selections are Incredible at Marsh Mutt

In 1873, George Peterson opened the Peterson Decoy Factory in Detroit. He offered five “grades” of duck decoys for the all-American duck hunter. In 1883, he sold his Factory to Jasper Dodge. Dodge continued to produce quality duck decoys until 1903 when he closed the plant for good.

Many companies throughout the years followed Dodge, and all have had one thing in common, they all realized that due to the harsh weather conditions handled by duck hunters, their duck hunting gear had to be top quality.

Quality Decoys are a Must for Every Hunter

From the rice fields in California to the icy bays of the Chesapeake in Maryland, quality goose decoys and duck decoys are a must for every hunter. The key to a successful spread is to by the best quality decoy you can afford, and use great decoy placement strategies.

Through quality research and many days in the harshest hunting environments, Marsh Mutt’s staff has accumulated the best selection of budget accomplishing decoys available on the market today. Visit our store and check out our vast selection of decoys for your next goose or duck hunt.