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Duck Hunting Chat  is a forum allowing its members to bond based upon their unique passion in life for hunting waterfowl.  Duck hunting chat is about creating a brotherhood of waterfowlers, and giving them a place to stay in contact with each other to share there passionate stories and advice.  It is bred into us as waterfowler’s to seek out others to share our experiences with, and to help learn from each others mistakes.  That is exactly why Forums help us as Duck Hunters to grow, and get better at our given sport.  It gives us a chance to bounce idea’s off of each other, while being able to learn from each others experiences both good and bad.

After researching typical forums, we have learned from what we have seen.  You may see a lot of clicks and bickering on other sites.  You may see almost pack mentalities on other sites.  But on Marsh Mutt, you will not see that happen.  Our members are here to have fun, and it is never fun to bicker just for the sake of bickering.  You will not regret signing up for this forum, because we have taken the appropriate steps to insure fun!

If you have a ever thought that you might want to get involved on a forum, but you did not know where to start this is the forum for you.  Once you sign up for an account, all you have to do is join the conversation.  You will start making friends on your very first post, that is for sure!

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Duck Hunting Chat

Duck Hunting Chat

Daily activity is a mainstay on Duck Hunting Chat and we are constantly offering fun contests to have more fun!  Take the dive today, join the fastest growing duck hunting forum on the net!