Duck Hunting Texas

It’s not Easy Duck Hunting in Texas

My father taught me to shoot a gun at a very young age, before I had ever gone duck hunting in Texas. I believe this to be the best gun safety. Time after time, we see kids who accidentally shoot themselves or someone else. More times than not, it is because the child had never seen a gun before and treated it as a toy. Guns are not meant to be toys. They are tools that we must use responsibly. My dad taught me that responsibility. We started with a BB gun and slowly worked our way up to a shotgun and deer rifle. I can remember shooting jack rabbits with a 20 gauge 870 pump shotgun until my arm was purple.

The Only Way to Learn How to Duck Hunt is to Get Out There and Try It

After I learned the importance of gun safety and the responsibility that comes with handling a gun, I spent most of my time deer hunting. My dad has always been an avid deer hunter, but never much of a waterfowl enthusiast so I did not get to experience the joy of a sunrise on the lake until I was in high school. In fact, the only reason I tried out duck hunting here in Texas the first time was because deer season had already ended, but my passion for the outdoors had not. I had 2 buddies that I spent every weekend with deer hunting at my place or theirs. Unlike me, they had both duck hunted before, butHunter in a boat neither had been more than a handful of times. So we borrowed some decoys and set out to my grandparent’s property in big metropolis of Gilmer, TX. They have around 300 acres with several ponds and a 15 acre lake. That year was one of the worst droughts in a long time so the lake was reduced to only around 5 acres. However, the lack of water had allowed various grasses to grow around 5 foot tall in the middle of the lake. To this day, it is still the best cover I’ve ever hunted. We had no idea what we were doing, and had not gotten any duck hunting tips from anyone but still managed to kill a pair of ducks. From that moment on, I was hooked, and so were my two buddies.

Duck hunting is tough in Texas. Our early season usually consists of temperatures in the mid to upper 70s forcing us to kill more mosquitos than ducks. Later in the season the temperatures cool off and it is possible to enjoy some really great hunting if you are willing to do the work.  By the time the birds make their way all the way south to us, they have seen everything and heard everything, so it is key for us to try to make our spreads look different. It is definitely an added challenge, but one that makes the harvest that much sweeter.

Marsh Mutt Carries Both Water and Field Decoys

Waterfowl hunting in Texas is not for the lazy or easily discouraged, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Marsh Mutt has an incredible selection of duck decoys and I highly recommend you check them out before your next hunt. 

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