Early Season for Blue Winged Teal is Almost Here

Teal season is one of my favorite times of the year down here in southeast Louisiana. After an entire summer of no hunting, finally getting to break out the guns is a great feeling.

Here in Louisiana we have a 15 day early season for blue winged teal. Teal are very fast and are always fun to shoot due to their erratic flying. They also decoy very easy here in the early season. Typically, we use about 10 decoys and a few mojos for our spread.

Duck Hunting Doesn’t Come Without It’s DownfallsBlue Winged Teal

The only downfalls are the mosquitos, alligators, and snakes. A few thermocells and some 98% deet usually take care of the mosquitoes. The alligators, on the other hand, make it necessary to be extremely careful if you decide to bring a dog. They are also quick around here to try and make your birds breakfast so it’s best to go get your birds right away. We have water moccasins around these parts so you have to watch your steps and where you venture into. Teal season is also a great time to get your wives, friends, or family out there to hunt due to it not being so cold like during big duck season. Not to mention, it’s great target practice before the big ducks get down.


Louisiana Ups the Daily Limit for Teal

If you’re like me, anything to do with hunting season is exciting, so an early crack at the ducks is awesome! A lot of hunters skip out on early teal due to heat, so for public areas it’s great since there’s less pressure and not nearly as many hunters out as there is with the normal season. In recent years, the daily limit was 4 ducks per person but now it has been bumped up to  six. This results in more people going out, but it also makes it more worth it since you can shoot more birds. We normally have no problem limiting out.

It’s about a month away now so it’s getting time to start getting gear ready and guns cleaned up. My favorite time of the year for sure, always a good feeling to pull out the shotguns and dust them off.

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