Easy, Simple Calling

Not getting a good response from ducks by aggressively calling them? Sometimes it works better when you call them in nice short calls. You’ll see this more when the local birds have become accustomed to hunting pressure.

Pay attention to the weather as well. Ducks become wary when the sky is gray, weather is warm, and the wind is calm. These weather conditions tend to spook the birds easily. Therefore, when the ducks are cautious you can replace your call with one that is softer, raspier, and not as harsh. You want to get the birds attention by gently coaxing them in.

At other times, the best calling is actually no calling whatsoever. If a bird continues to fly on, chances are, they more than likely aren’t coming back. If calling them and calling them is doing nothing for your luck, try to focus more on your decoys. Make your spread look appealing to the birds. You could make them look lifelike and have them swivel or bob up and down to attract the birds.

No matter how long you’ve been hunting, never be afraid to switch things up a bit. You can try different ways of calling the birds. If the ducks aren’t responding to aggressively calling them, don’t be afraid to back off a bit. Try enticing them with subtle calling. You never know, a little finesse calling could go a long way and help you win over even hesitant birds.

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