Facts about your Retriever

Have any of you ever decided to any research to find out what makes our retrievers tick? My guess is more than likely most of us have at one point or another. We simply can’t help it. We want to know as much about our trusted sidekicks as possible. Plus, the subject is beyond fascinating. Not to mention, it makes training them and living with them easier. Take a look at several interesting facts that help us understand our retrievers on a deeper level.


Although it’s the long running opinion, dogs are not color blind. Their vision compared to ours, is limited, but they can see more than just black and white. They can perceive gradations of yellow, gray, and blue. And unlike us humans they cannot distinguish green, orange, and red colors. Our eyes contain three types of cones and dogs’ eyes only have two.


Our retriever’s sense of smell is simply amazing. Some breeds even have over 200 million scent receptors. That is 40 times more than we have. A dog dedicates about 40 times more of its brain to smelling and its process than we do. This explains why our retrievers are able to find fallen waterfowl that have landed in heavy cover.

Detecting our Mood

Your retriever, over time, will be able to sense when you’re sad, happy, and angry. Because of this, we tend to think they have the same human emotions as us. When your dog gets in trouble for doing something he’s not supposed to do, he may cower his head or turn away from you. Even though it looks like your dog is sad or feeling guilty, they’re really just reacting to the tone of your voice and your body language.


Dogs have incredibly stronger and more in tune hearing than we do. They have at least 18 muscles as opposed to our 9. This is why dogs can move their ears to locate which direction a sound came from. They also can hear twice the frequencies we do.


This interesting fact should not come as a surprise to us. Retriever owners have one time or another witnessed their dogs whimpering, moving around, and twitching in their sleep. Studies lately have indicated that dogs can recall memories of events that they have experienced, just like we do.


Your retrievers fur insulates his body in the cold weather. It also helps absorb heat slowly in warm weather. Dogs regulate their body temperature more by panting. Although they can sweat through their nose and paw pads, too. Just keep in mind, that just like people, your retriever can run the risk of hypothermia and heat stroke in extreme weather conditions.

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