Finding the Right Dog Training Collars for Your Gun Dog

With a plethora of different dog training collars on the market made by numerous different e-collar manufacturers, it can be extremely overwhelming when searching the web for the perfect one that will work best for your needs. There are an assortment of e-collars to choose from. They are distinctive in terms of voltage, shock intensity, waveform, time duration, current, total pulse rate per minute, etc. The best piece of advice that we can give you is to gain as much information as you can before clicking the “Buy Now” button.

While sifting through the slew of online reviews on popular e-collar’s being used by professional trainers, it’s nice to know that from price range to collar options you still have a choice. Not only does Marsh Mutt offer a variety of dog training collars, we also train with them.

Because we only sell products we believe in, we only sell the best selection of e-collars including Sportdog and Dogtra brands. We have found these collars to be superior to the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the collars we have to offer.

Marsh Mutt’s Top Selling Dogtra Gun Dog Training Collars

We are huge fans of Dogtra brand collars because they offer dependable e-collars that are specifically designed for the most demanding training environments. Whether you are an amateur or professional dog trainer, Dogtra training collars are an excellent choice. All Dogtra collars meet quality standards and far exceed our expectations. 

Dogtra Edge RT – With a full mile range, the Dogtra Edge RT collar allows trainers to correct a dog’s behavior without being in the line of site and provides the ability to add on 3 additional dogs. This high-output unit has become the dog training collar of choice for most professional dog trainers. It can be used on all dogs 35 lbs and up. Other features include: low to high power stimulation, 8 levels of ‘nick/momentary’ and ‘constant’ stimulation along with a non-stimulating pager/vibration mode that can be used as a warning, stimulation/combination buttons, fully waterproof, rechargeable 2-hour rapid-charge Lithium Polymer battery, and a hard carrying case. The Dogtra Edge has proven its overall worth over and over again to gun dog owners all over the world.

Dogtra Arc Wetlands – The ARC Wetlands is a 1-Dog system only unit. Like the original ARC, the low profile collar is ergonomically shaped to fit your dog’s neck perfectly. The low to medium output ARC Wetlands e-collar provides medium to soft temperaments and is universally designed to fit all breeds of dogs as small as 15 lbs. Features of this model include: an LCD screen, 3/4-mile range, rheostat/volume dial with stimulation levels 0-127, and 2-hour rapid charge batteries.

SportDOG Brand is One of the Most Recognized Collar Brands

Not all e-collars are alike. SportDOG is an industry-leading manufacturer of electronic dog-training products and accessories. They provide safe and effective training collars for disobedient canines.  

Sportdog Wetlandhunter 1825 – This training collar has a full mile range and the ability to add up to 6 additional gun dogs. It is pretty obvious why this one is on our list of favorites. It is suitable for all dog breeds 8 lbs and up with neck sizes that range from 5″ – 22″. Other key features are: Realtree Max 5 finish, 8 levels of static stimulation in low, medium, or high ranges, waterproof and submersible to 25 feet thanks to DryTek technology, and training DVD.

Sportdog Wetlandhunter 425 – Work your dog hard with the WetlandHunter® 425 in Realtree MAX-5 camo finish. SportDOG takes the most advanced, industry-leading technology that they have and has packed it into their most compact model ever offered. Trainers can easily switch between vibration, stimulation, and tone. With the addition of a SportDOG Brand® Add-A-Dog® collar you can control up to 3 dogs. Additional features include: 500 yd range, submersible up to 25 ft., and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with handy docking station.

Collar Conditioning Your Retriever

Before you can train your dog with a collar, he must be collar-conditioned. Collar conditioning is a vital step used to reinforce a command the dog already knows, such as, “Sit” or “Stay.” Once you reinforce the commands the dog already knows then you can use the collar to correct that action. And, there’s no doubt a correction should be administered sooner rather than later. If done correctly, the dog learns that IT is in control of the collar.They learn that the faster they respond the less pressure they will feel.

Are There Less Expensive Collars That Work?

In a word, absolutely. However, as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” When searching for a dog training collar, it is extremely important to choose one that is well constructed and is of a high-quality. Cheaply constructed, off brand, training collars are not the best for your dog and can result in injury. Low quality electronic training collars run the risk of having the wiring malfunction and could put your four-legged friend at serious risk. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive yet blue ribbon quality, the SportDOG Wetlandhunter 425 and the Dogtra Arc Wetlands are both great options.

Ranges Vary on Gun Dog Training Collars

How do you know what range is best for you and your dog? We are asked this question quite often. It all depends on what you are planning to do with your gun dog. We definitely recommend that you always go one step further than you think you need. 

All of the dog training collars we offer range between 400 yards and 1 mile. If you do not plan on extended training at all, then you are safe going with lower range option. However, if you feel that you have any desire at all to run tests, you’re better off with purchasing a longer range collar to be on the safe side. And as you can see from our Top Sellers page, we offer numerous extended range collars at competitive prices.  

You Have Peace of Mind When Purchasing an Electronic Dog Collar From Marsh Mutt

Having issues with your new E-collar? Simply send it back. We are here to help you. Did you order the wrong collar or does it not fit your needs? No worries! We take returns up to 30 days and will gladly exchange your collar for another one that you may like better. 

Marsh Mutt is Always Here for You

Hopefully, we have helped you choose the best electronic collar for you and your pup. If you still have questions, shoot us an email or give us a call, we are always here for you. Don’t forget to check out our long list of other hunting dog supplies like our selection of retriever stands and kennels.  

“Collar Conditioning, Collar Fetch, Remotely Correct Behavioral Problems. Basically create the GUN DOG you always wanted”____ Marsh Mutt

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