Fishing for Redfish Can be a Blast!

Well, duck hunting is over so I’ll be chasing reds in the marsh now! One of my favorite things to do other than duck hunting is fishing for redfish. Since I was a young boy my father would always take me on weekend trips south towards the Gulf of Mexico. We would spend the weekend hanging out on the boat fishing for speckled trout and redfish. Once I got older and started driving, my friends and I would take trips on days off from school and go chase after big bull reds in the marsh.

There’s More Than One Way to Fish for Reds

You can fish for redfish many ways, but it depends on the time of year. I like fishing for them with a golden spoon or live shrimp and cocahoes. During the summer time I like using my surface drive to get back into shallow ponds and cuts to spot fish them. Nothing else like being able to pick out the big bull red you want and attempting to catch him. Typically we fishRedfish April -2 the shallow ponds less than 4-5 feet deep, and once the tide starts falling out we’ll move to the cuts and channels. The reason for this is because the fish will usually be in those shallow ponds and as the water drops they will head out through the cuts.

Top water baits are also another fun one to try early morning when they’re feeding and the wind is calm. When they hit a top water bait it’s no joke, you better be ready for a fight! I try and make as many trips as possible when I’m off work and my girlfriend loves fishing for reds almost more than I do so that helps. Just recently we had a great trip right after duck season and caught quite a few nice reds and a ton of smaller ones which are a blast to catch when they’re hitting on almost every cast thrown. In my opinion, reds fight harder than any other fish we catch regularly around here so the fight getting them in the boat is always exciting!

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