Get Your Retriever Training Early Each Year

In the majority of the United States duck season has come to a grinding halt. And we all are have having some duck depression, mixed with a great feeling of being able to sleep in on the weekends. If your season was anything like ours, your gun dog is exhausted. He is enjoying laying in front of the fire in the morning, and might even limp occasionally as he heals from the rugged season he enjoyed so much.

But this is not the time to let that retriever simply slip into an untrained status. This is the time to tighten up the obedience that surely started to slack over the last 90 days. Keep the high obedience standard you have always had for your gun dog, and quickly build him back into a training routine. For instance, spend 15 minutes every morning/evening so he gets that sense of pride from continuing his job.

Make sure to get involved in your local Hunting Retriever Club, so that your furry best friend will be able to gain confidence in realistic hunting scenario’s. Remember he will be better next year if you spend the time now!

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