Getting Ready For The Waterfowl Migration

As the weather begins to turn colder way up north, the migration of waterfowl south begins. As Duck Hunters, this is your favorite time of the year and it is an important time to start taking count of all your gear. The last thing you would want to do is have an equipment failure when the migration finally hits your home area!

-What is in your BLIND BAG shell_shocker_-_blind_bag_2_
A) Shells: You would not be the first person to forget your shells, so make sure they are there the night before your hunt
B) License: Always keep your license in the same spot so you know you always have it on you
C) Favorite Duck Call: One of the more forgotten items on the planet. Pack it the night before. ATM_PearlSwirl
D) Snacks: Whatever your favorite snack is!

-Don’t forget your Hunting Retriever
A) Dog Blind: This seasons greatest blind is the Momarsh Invisilab

MoMarsh Invisilab Dog Blind

Keep your Retriever Dry while hunting in water: Momarsh Invisilab

B) A quality Dog Vest is a must for the late season hunts
C) E-Collar: If you train all year with one, it is probably a must during the most exciting time of the year for your best friend.
D) Dog Snacks: You can’t forget your best buddy

– Quality Decoys
A) Standard Floating Mallards: Some of the most realistic decoys on the market are the Dakota Decoy Xtreme Mallards Duck Hunting Chat
B) Motion Decoys: This is a new decoy last year that is gonna make some big splashes G&H Navigator

When it comes to waterfowl hunting products the guys at Marsh Mutt have what you need to get the job done. Their pro staff field tests all the gear they can each year, so that only quality gear gets into your hands. Not to mention they are Family Owned and Operated.


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