G&H Decoys Blue Wing Teal



This particular firm’s decoys are universally well-liked and recommended by professional guides simply because they are so incredibly tough.   The decoys are completely natural-looking, painted with painstakingly detailed raised feathers and eyes which look so realistic that you will have trouble distinguishing them from the real thing. Every decoy is painted by hand in authentic, realistic bird colors which are durable, natural and non-glare, and lead to such exceptional authenticity that they will have no trouble fooling even the most suspicious waterfowl. In addition, the drake mallard’s irridescent green hue is set deep into the plastic shell thus enabling a scuff-resistant and superior appearance for the duration of the decoy’s long life.

The decoys are cleverly designed to withstand high impact and their construction is from blow-molded plastic so that they can be both lightweight and solidly durable. The Keel is designed in such a way that it ties off at each end. The tieoff at the Front has a hook built-in for speedy adjustment of the anchor line.

The weight and counterbalance of the strong keel make absolutely certain that the decoys will remain valiantly upright and working in even the roughest waves and weather.

These G & H Decoys US manufactured T4 Standard Blue Wing Teal Duck Decoys are really exceptional value and will give you years of service.






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