GH Decoys

GH Decoys has been constructed 100 percent in the USA since they started decades ago. With there plant in Oklahoma they ship the highest quality decoy made today all over the nation. GH Decoys has built a reputation for quality due to the overall ruggedness of there products constructions. They paint on these decoys has been known to last for generations. For instance some of our Pro-Staff are still hunting over decoys purchased by their Grandfathers!

Duck G is the CEO of this company, and takes lots of pride in making quality decoys at relatively cost effective price.  From the standpoint of paint, these decoys have been widely known to be the best in the industry.  And we all know that any company willing to keep AMERICAN WORKERS employed is a definite plus.  But in particular this dealer definitely protects its smaller family retailers.  In the world of Big Box Stores, we at Marsh Mutt certainly appreciate such a dealer!

With new innovations launching daily, this decoy manufacturer has all of the advantages in this field.  They have been making sure that we earn the respect of all waterfowl hunters.  This has lead to generations of return loyal customers, and from what we can tell there are still generations to come of return customers!

GH Decoys

American Made Decoys

Marsh Mutt offers a wide selection of GH Decoys, and we definitely suggest you check them out!