Goose Hunting in the Pacific Flyway

Greetings Marsh Mutt Members,

This has been a fun but extremely challenging season so far in the Pacific Flyway as we have had virtually no weather for nearly two years. Our season started out slow because our local mallard numbers were down due to no spring rains to fill the foothill brood ponds. And, with no stormy weather the migrating birds are holding about two hours north in the rice land of Northern California.

Joe HendrexConsequently we have started taking day trips to a rice blind we have access to and are back in the birds again. It shouldn’t be long until the small geese show up (Aleutians) and then we will be dry field goose hunting again.

Our floating blinds on the lakes have produced well on the days the birds have been here and are a nice change from the river and ponds we hunt so often.  I just returned from the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuse and the Green-wing Teal have just started showing up.

As you can tell we hunt all over the state, I should say two states as we are in Oregon as often as we can be. Last year I hunted 95 days during waterfowl season. This year I will fall a little short of that due to my business commitments.

This year I added some new gear including a covered trailer for hauling goose decoys, mainly FFD full body honkers and lesser. The lessers are used to vary size in the honker spread and hunt the little Aleutians as well. With the help of Marsh Mutt’s online store we added a couple dozen more G&H duck decoys and four MOJO Teal for the river and rice blinds. Also, the twelve slot bags are indispensable for keeping the decoys organized and available when your hunting venue changes so often. As we all know, options are mandatory if you are going to stay on the birds.

The band harvest has been good this year with one double-banded bird, two single-banded, and one band-and-transmitter combination for our group.

We are looking forward to a strong January and the late season goose hunt in mid-February. As always, I will keep you posted.

Be safe and good hunting!

Joe Hendrex
Hughson Waterfowl
Marsh Mutt Pro-Staff
G&H Decoys Pro-Staff

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